"An unflinching piece of American horror through and through."

This is the story of the Smith family on County Road K--parents Matt and Marilyn, and children Quentin and Gloria--an average American family living in an average American town, but scratch the surface and all is not as it seems. There's something a lot more sinister than Gloria's collection of dead insects in the Smith household, and it all comes to a head when a sweet-talking Texan arrives on their doorstep seeking refuge from the night's chill, proving that sometimes the hunter is actually the hunted.

Unlock your might need to get out.

Cast & Credits

  • Written by Philip Gelatt
  • Directed by Philip Gelatt
  • Executive Produced by Peter Askin
  • Produced by Will Battersby, Per Melita and Tory Tunnell


  • Alexandra Chando
  • Patrick Breen
  • Betsy Aidem
  • Richard Bekins
  • Nina Lisandrello
  • Charlie Hewson

Released by Tribeca Film